Award-winning Designer. Problem-solver. Cat dad. Pixel Pusher™. Mentor. Cyclist. Photographer. Musician.


From the great plains of Oklahoma all the way to New York City, what started with designing concert fliers for bands, turned into creating delightful and concise digital experiences for anyone and everyone.

I am a passionate human-centered storyteller with years of experience in digital design, UX/UI design, prototyping, and testing.

I also have experience troubleshooting technology at Apple that led me to become addicted to problem solving. I made the  decision to start designing for the front end experiences that I had helped troubleshoot the back end of with end users.

Favorite slice: Baby Luc's
Current TV binge: The Last of Us
Currently sipping on (after hours): Death & Co's Negroni

I live with my wonderful partner, Rebecca Strassberg, and our amazing roommates Brisket (spaniel mix) and Fran (domestic short-hair).


Skills & Methods

UI Design. I create engaging user interfaces that are both functional and appealing.
UX Design. I use the Design Thinking process to plan out goals, initiatives, and solutions.
Product Design. I solve product problems to help engage users to help them achieve their goals.
Visual Design. I create effective visuals using classical elements of design.
Brand Design. I help brands realize not only their visual identity, but their voice and value proposition in the process.
User Research. I conduct effective research, empathizing and understanding every step of the way.


(AAF) - ADDY Awards - Gold - 2023
Sequoyah Lodge Logo
(AAF) - ADDY Awards - Gold - 2023
Sequoyah Lodge Sign
Great Plains Journalism Award - 2020
Curbside Chronicle - Issue 51 - Magazine Design
AIGA - Flux Award - 2020
Developed! Cameras for Kids
(AAF) - ADDY Awards - Gold - 2020
UCO College of Fine Art and Design Branding
AIGA - Flux Award- 2019
UCO College of Fine Art and Design Branding
Communication Arts Typography Annual - 2019
Tools of the Trade Poster Series
(AAF) - ADDY Awards - Gold - 2019
DD Law Firm Branding

Some Current Jams

You've made it this far, so as my way of saying thank you, here's my current playlist of what I've been jamming lately! Quarantine and coffee inspired, maybe it can do for you what it does for me.